The VIB Protein Core participated in a benchmarking study to evaluate their knowledge in recombinant mammalian expression and came out as one of the two best performing labs!

When post-translational modifications in recombinant proteins are important, a human mammalian cell line is the system to use for expression. The past two years, PSF invested in technology for recombinant expression of proteins in mammalian cells, more especially the expression in FreeStyleTM 293-F cells. PSF optimized the parameters of standard protocols available and adapted it with a feeding step, small tricks, … The cells grow easily in suspension and can be transfected for transient expression.

To find out if PSF performs well in this field, PSF participated in a European benchmarking study on recombinant expression of proteins in mammalian cells. There were 7 participating laboratories of European academic institutes and companies. VIB Protein Core came out of this study as one of the two best performing labs, the two labs disassociated themselves from the others. Knowing that the other lab was the protein science group of the Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, with years of experience in recombinant expression of proteins in mammalians, PSF performed very well.

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