Intro    General context

Established in 2010, the Jean Jeener NMR Centre (JJNC) houses state-of-the-art 600 MHz and 800 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers dedicated to structural biology work. NMR spectroscopy allows visualization of biomolecular structure and dynamics in solution and is complementary to established structural techniques such as X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy. The main strength of the JJNC is characterization of protein-based biomolecular interactions, including protein-protein, protein-DNA, and protein-small molecule complexes. We routinely tackle versatile research questions – ranging from description of the binding behavior, to establishing the structure of the complex, to describing the molecular motions underlying the biomolecular function – and provide service both to the academia and the industry.

The Jean Jeener NMR Centre is embedded in the VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology.

Intro    Services

With the main focus on structural characterization of protein-based biomolecular interactions, we offer a broad range of services, some of which are listed below. The classical NOE-based NMR structure determination is not routinely performed in JJNC, but can be done upon request. At present, we are developing an NMR fragment screening capability, which should expand and complement the range compound screening methodologies currently available at the VIB.

    Epitope mapping, intermolecular contacts, complex’s structure or binding model
    Binding affinity for weak (KD ≥ μM) interactions
    Protein dynamics on multiple timescales
    (In the future) NMR fragment screening of weak binders (KD = mM-μM) for drug discovery programs


600 MHz Varian (Agilent)

• Four-channel (1H, 13C, 15N, 2H) spectrometer

• Direct Drive 2 console

1H(13C/15N) 5 mm PFG triple-resonance 13C-enhanced cold probe

• Automatic tuning and matching

• VnmrJ 4.1

800 MHz Varian/Bruker NMR system

• Four-channel (1H, 13C, 15N, 2H) spectrometer

• Two Receier Channel

• Inverse triple-resonance (1H, 13C, 15N) TXI 5 mm probe

• Automatic tuning and matching

• TopSpin 3.5

Intro    Team

JJNC consists of the following members: