VIB Nucleomics Core

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Nucleomics Core offers personalized expert services in the fields of expression analysis, miRNA analysis and RNA and DNA sequencing to the life science community (VIB, other academic institutions and industry). Technologies offered are Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina) and Long Read Sequencing (PacBio).

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VIB Nucleomics Core offers the sequencing and downstream analysis for total RNA-seq (incuding lncRNAs), mRNA-seq, smallRNA-seq, epigenetics (ChIP-seq) and long isoforms (Iso-seq).


For genomic analysis, we offer whole genome sequencing and capture-based sequencing (exome, ChIP-seq, targeted resequencing, CRISPR/Cas libraries) using our NGS instrument portfolio.

Amplicon-based Sequencing

This workflow is used for custom sequencing assays, targeted resequencing, and metagenomic 16S rRNA profiling.


VIB Nucleomics Core offers solutions to map and quantify genomes and transcriptomes that explain phenotypes of interest. With bioinformatics support as an integral part of our service, the solutions truly range from sample to science. You are not left behind with raw data files after lab experimentation. Our bioinformatics team can guide you through the complex data analysis process and connect you back to your original research question with new scientific insights. Besides regular data quality assessment, data preprocessing, and mapping, our team has many years of experience in comparative analysis, functional analysis, predictive modeling, and assembly & NGS scaffolding for genome finishing purposes.

Single Cell Sequencing

We offer 10x Genomics Library sequencing in a cost-effective way using our HiSeq4000 and NovaSeq6000 systems. The core collaborates with VIB scientists on the upfront sample preparation part and provides its users with downstream data-analysis support.

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Long Read Sequencing
(Oxford Nanopore)
Long Read Sequencing (PacBio)Next Gen Sequencing

The Oxford Nanopore technology offers long-read direct DNA/RNA sequencing with read lengths up to 2 Mb long. Our GridION X5 system allows up to five MinION Flow Cells to be run concurrently or individually and generates up to 150 Gb of data that is analysed in real time.

The Pacific Biosciences Sequel (PacBio Sequel) allows sequencing of very long DNA molecules up to 70kb or more (average generally in the 6-15kb range).

Next Generation Sequencing platforms, for small and large scale projects: Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq500, HiSeq 4000 and NovaSeq.

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VIB Nucleomics Core consists of the following members:

VIB Bioinformatics Core team
VIB Nucleomics Core (Oct 2018) - Ine Dehandschutter