Intro    General context

This centralized facility primarily offers high-quality, affordable Sanger sequencing services. The VIB Genomics Core team originates from VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology, where it gathered theoretical and practical expertise in high throughput genetic analyses. As well as catering for VIB centers, the team offers classical Sanger sequencing services to third parties and numerous academic and industrial clients. Data processing is performed automatically and in optimal conditions. When required, the Core also offers consultation and assistance to customers. Years of collaboration with industrial partners have resulted in a setting and a methodology that assure data confidentiality. In addition to Sanger sequencing, several non-standard services can be provided, such as DNA and RNA extractions and storage, sample quality control and whole genome or gene loci analysis using highly polymorphic markers. Since 2013, the presuccesor GSF has also been offering access to Illumina technology. Our Core helps its customers to obtain answers to their genetic questions. As a result, finding variants, mutations and differences in expression, and comparing DNA or RNA between target and control samples, have become accessible for every researcher. With access to the appropriate equipment and high quality in-house expertise, customers are assured affordable assistance and solutions for their research projects. The VIB Genomics Core’s skilled team can also support them in acquiring and comprehending different types of data derived from sequencing or quality assessment.

The VIB Genomics Core is embedded in the VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology.

Intro    Services

  • high-quality, affordable Sanger sequencing
  • DNA and RNA extractions and storage, sample quality control
  • DNA genotyping (whole genome or gene loci analysis using highly polymorphic markers)

Intro    Team

Our team consists of the following members: