VIB Bioinformatics Core

Supremacy of method is the new science paradigm. Technology is producing ever increasing biological data. Without bioinformatics know-how, valuable facts remain hidden in the data pile. Who will find the next golden needle?

To respond to the increasing importance of bioinformatics in biotechnology research, the VIB Bioinformatics Core (formerly BITS), was set up at VIB. 

The goals of our core are

  • provide training in the use of bioinformatics tools and databases
  • provide scientific software for use across VIB
  • provide bioimage informatics services in collaboration with BioImaging Core
  • provide research informatics services to other core facilities and researchers



training icon2Our upcoming trainings can be found on the TRAINING AT VIB website. VIB scientists and academic scientists from Flemish universities can join BITS bioinformatics training sessions for free. For other scientists, we have a number of reserved slots.

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Software Support

software icon2We provide Bioinformatics software for VIB scientists. For some software, a VIB site wide license is available, which means it can be used freely by VIB scientists. For other software, we offer licences under favourable conditions.

Free ELN, CLC Bio Main Workbench & Genomics Workbench, Genevestigator, GraphPad Prism, Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, qbase+
Paid FlowJo, MATLAB, Tibco Spotfire
Supported OpenRefine, SnapGene, Galaxy

Informatics Services

data mining icon2Our current service portfolio consists of Bioinformatics and Research Informatics Services as well as Resource Management support and Infrastructure Scouting.

Those fee-for-service offerings are available for all VIB scientists and beyond.


Our team consists of the following members:



VIB Bioinformatics Core
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