VIB Bioinformatics Core

Intro    General context

Supremacy of method is the new science paradigm. Technology is producing ever increasing biological data. Without bioinformatics know-how, valuable facts remain hidden in the data pile. Who will find the next golden needle?

To respond to the increasing importance of bioinformatics in biotechnology research, the VIB Bioinformatics Core was set up at VIB. The goals of our core are:

  • provide training in bioinformatics tools, programming, statistics, NGS, omics and single cell data analysis
  • distribute scientific software for use across VIB
  • provide bioimage informatics services in collaboration with VIB Bioimaging Core
  • contribute in software development of bioinformatics applications
  • provide bioinformatics services and research data management to VIB researchers
  • foster the Bioinformatics @ VIB community

Intro    Services

Bioinformatics training

VIB scientists and other academics can join our training courses in various bioinformatics fields. Our training services are free for VIB employees.

Software development

We provide resources for software development of bioinformatics applications for VIB scientists. Via two calls per year, we invite the bioinformatics community at VIB to submit proposals on software projects with significant impact and track records over the past years.

Bioinformatics services

Our current service portfolio consists of bioinformatics pipelines, software development, bioimage informatics, statistics consulting, omics data integration and research data management.

Bioinformatics @ VIB

VIB boasts a large bioinformatics population, consisting of approximately 150 scientists in more than 10 research groups, spread across all of the VIB Research Centers and VIB Core Facilities.

Scientific software support

We distribute and provide support for bioinformatics and scientific software to VIB scientists.

Intro    Team

Our team consists of the following members:

VIB Bioinformatics Core team
VIB Bioinformatics Core (Oct 2018) - Ine Dehandschutter